1. Beforetakingpart in SUP all persons agree to the rules and regulations mentioned in this form by signing on the bottom of the page. All minors are to be informed of the contents of this form before participating in SUP. By signing this form the parent or legal guardian agrees to all information in this form and certifies having read and understood all information contained within as well as having informed the minor of this. Names of all persons are to be noted on this form and these agree to abide by all the rules and regulations presented in this from. The user understands that there are certain risks involved and participation is at own risk

2. Participation in SUP is at own risk as there are certain risks involved. See Event GmbH is liable under the law for personal injury. For property and/or financial damages See Event Gmbh is liable only in cases of intent or gross negligence of the operator or the persons entrusted with the management of an organisation or persons.

3. The minimum age for participation is 6 Years and requires a minimum weight of 20 kgs. Parents must accompany children under 10 years of age. Participants confirm that they can stay above water, swimming, for at least 15 minutes and are in possession of a valid swimming certificate. Each participant confirms that they do not suffer from any illness or psychological ailments which may result in injury to themselves or any other persons taking part in SUP activities. Any person under the influence of alcohol or drugs is prohibited from taking part in SUP.

4. See Event GmbH takes no rsponsibility for personal items carried on their person as there is a chance of falling off the board into the water. Participants should not carry any valuable items o their person and have a towel and dry clothes to change into on land.

5. The participant is to return equipment in the same condition as it was received. Any loss or damage caused to the equipment will result in replacement at the cost of the participant.

6. All rules and regulations mentioned by the trainer are to be followed strictly and without hesitation or question. Any misconduct or violation of the rules will result in immediate dismissal and See Event Gmbh accepts no associated damage claims. Any person found disobeying the rules will be expelled immediately, he/she will not be allowed to continue and shall forfeit the entrance fee paid. AF may close the course if/when deemed necessary, e.g. storm warning. This will result in the entrance fee being forfeited. This also applies if the client wishes to leave the course prior the allocated time.

7. See Event Gmbh reserves the right to close for safety reasons if/when deemed necessary, e.g. storm warning. This will result in the rental fee being forfeited. Forfeighting the rental fee also applies if the client wishes to leave prior to the allocated time.

8. All participants are required to pay the Strandbad Titisee entrance fee. This also applies to spectators or escourts of participants of SUP. For this fee the use of all facilitiies in the Strandbad is allowed for the whole day. In case of closure Paragrah 7 shall also aplly to the Strandbad Titisee.

9. See Event GmbH reserves the right to use photos of participants advertising purposes unless explicitly specified by the client that this is not permitted.

10. Finally, all participants must have fun!